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9 år 8 månader sedan #35227 av Zochion
Tillverkning av medeltidssvärd skapades av Zochion
The Serpent in the Sword

Hittade denna på youtube idag och den förklarar riktigt detaljerat vad han gör för att skapa detta medeltidssvärd med ett zig-zag mönster i mitten men hjälp av damasksmide.

Del 1 : http://youtu.be/vyUkYJeZtW4

Trevlig "twist-jig" vid 4:20

The Serpent in the Sword is a paper by Lee A Jones studying early medieval pattern-welded swords. This video shows how to create a pattern-welded sword that actually has a serpent at its core. The processes while using modern tools are similar to the ones employed by anglo-saxon or viking-age smiths.

Del 2 : http://youtu.be/CNhem4hmwoE
The Serpent in the Sword is a project to create a pattern-welded viking-age sword with a visual serpent at the core of the sword. In this video, I show how to forge the bevels, grind the fuller and the edge, and the heat treating process.

Del 3 : http://youtu.be/EAJtvi4Z1A4
After the sword has been forged and hardened, not much forging is left. The video shows how I forge the upper and lower guard as well as the pommel. After the rough shape has been established, it is refined by hand and with the belt sander. A hilt with wooden core and leather wrap is made, too.

Del 4 : http://youtu.be/l3bT0oUYVoE
A short progress update showing the polished version of the blade while I am trying to acquire the necessary skills to inlay copper and silver into the guards and pommel of the sword. This interlude also features a quick trip to Europe visiting several museums with Viking-age swords on display.
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