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Topic-icon Blacksmith Marathon in English

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15 år 2 månader sedan #28945 av Anonymous
Blacksmith Marathon in English skapades av Anonymous
The Blacksmith’s Marathon is a festival in the name of joy and solidarity, where blacksmiths from all over the world will get together, have fun, exchange experiences and build networks.

The theme of this the first year of the festival is “Blacksmiths of the World united for all the worlds children in need” The festival is carried out in collaboration with the Red Cross.

We will symbolize our support for the matter by letting the sledgehammer run non-stop for 68 hours, marking the children’s right to be children.

The Marathon Hammer will shape the hot iron day and night from Thursday until Sunday. The music never stops …The hammer will move from the hand of one blacksmith to the next creating a “sculpture” that stands as a symbol of Blacksmiths´ solidarity with the Children of the World.

The festival will take place in the newly built smithy in of the old buildings belonging to the OVAKO Bar steelworks in Smedjebacken. The smithy can hold more than 40 working blacksmiths. Five to six work stations with forges and anvils are being reserved for the blacksmiths demonstrate forging for audience. The audience will be able to view the process from the sketch to the finished product/item/artefact. The finished handicraft will be sold at the auction hold towards the end of the festival, and the proceeds will be passed on to the Red Cross in aid of the children in need.

During the festival an exhibition will be arranged displaying the works of blacksmiths from all over the world. Many other activities will also run, all of which to be presented at a later date.


For more information: http://www.blacksmithmarathon.com or please contact:
Blacksmith Joakim Frost Tel. +46 (0)73 7094906 E-mail jocke.frost@gmail.com
festival coordinator Ann-Kristin Treard, Tel. +46 (0)70 241 56 68, E-mail ak@treard.se
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15 år 2 månader sedan #28946 av Anonymous
Svar från Anonymous i ämnet Blacksmith Marathon in English
Dear friends if you wont some help with booking accommodation for your visit, the local Tourist Office will help you.
Tele. 0046(0)240 86050 or http://www.visitsmedjebacken.se
We have ,today Tuesday 12/5, talked to managers at Smedjebackens Municipality, and they are now investigating if we can get access to a school. Inexpensive and easy for those who do not want to spend too much money on accommodation. Breakfast will be available for an affordable sum at the café Socken Souqen a cross the street from the forges.
Take care
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