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Topic-icon IFGS Exhibition 2007 "Oer Kracht" in Oude Ijsselstreek (NL) and Isselburg (D)

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13 år 1 vecka sedan #16386 av Verlag Hephaistos
The "International Association of Designing Artist Blacksmiths (IFGS)" is planning the largest exhibition in its 15-year history as an association from 25th May to 28th September 2007. The special feature next year will be that the exhibition will not be concentrated in on place, but will be decentralised along the river bank of the formerly navigable river Issel between Isselburg (Germany) and Oude Ijsselstreek (The Netherlands), the course of which is now lined with a bicycle track. The region known as "Western Munster Land" at the lower Rhine river is an ideal and much-visited paradise for cyclist, which is the reason why the responsible organisers in the communities are reckoning on thousands of visitors on bicycles. The exhibition locations spread out over a radius of 25 kilometres (15.5 miles) which can be visited easily on one day by bicycle. For orientation, a leaflet with a cycle map will be published.

For the metal works IFGS President Cornelis Pronk was able to reserve places in the town gardens, at a popular outing inn, along the former border, in front of a farmhouse with a small machine museum and in Isselburg. In Isselburg, the metal designers have available space in front of the former fortified tower at the town hall, in the foyer of the hospital, and at other small squares in the town and the route to Oude Ijsselstreek.

The challenging motto of this exhibition is called in Dutch: ‘Oer-Kracht’, which means: ‘Primal Force’. But the Dutch word ‘Oer’ also means ‘Iron Ore’; it was found there in the past and that’s why there is an iron-industry in that region since the 18th century. During the opening manifestation on May 25th until 28th (Whit week-end) there will take place demonstrations of forging an visitors can participate in several workshops and seminars. One can also pay a visit to the Dutch Iron Museum which is being established in Ulft.

The organisation is supervised by the IFGS and a foundation especially established for this exhibition called ‘Oer-Kracht’, in co-operation with the Dutch Iron Museum, the municipalities and the Tourist Information Offices of Oude Ijsselstreek and Stadt Isselburg. Anyone who wants to participate can register till 16th January 2007.

Cornelis Pronk
Ambachtsweg 14
NL-6673 DK Andelst
Tel. +31 (0)488/454368
Fax +31 (0)488/451573
E-Mail: [url=http://mondragroep@tref.nl:1ck1nnyt]mondragroep@tref.nl[/url]

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